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3. Our club app

Our club app

The BSJFC (Pitchero) app allows coaches to let you know of last minute changes, team selections and everything club related (think of it as our texting system).

[ Or just go to your app store and search for Pitchero Club ]

Note: once installed we STRONGLY suggest two changes so you ONLY get the info you require:

  1. Go to the Schedule tab, click settings (at top right) and select just your childs' team
  2. Go to the Account tab > Notifications and switch off notifications for all but your childs' team and club news (please do leave club news as we will send relevant info through that system)

General user guide for the apps is here if needed:

Our website which has everything on it:

Any issues let me know

Coaches and coordinators only - install the Manager's app too

Coaches and team admins will want to install the Pitchero Manager's app too. This allows you to send messages to the team via email, view emergency contact details for players, add fixtures and organise everything all from your phone.

Note: If you are not able to see your team's details please contact the regsec so we can enable this and cc your head coach so they are aware.

Download links: